Header Image Showing Racist Virginia Rally

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Visiting the state of Virginia without some idiot being openly racist in a Southern dialect has eluded me once again. I really dislike the amount of anti-progress made in this regard.

I was getting a complementary breakfast at the hotel I was staying at when I noticed they were completely out of coffee. I asked one of the hotel staff walking by if they could please replace the coffee.

I hear a voice behind me, with a Southern drawl and condescending tone.

“Do you hayve any of that Premium? These all say ‘Bold’. One shuld say PRE-MEE-UM. PEE-ARE-EE-EM-AYE-YOU-EM. You understaynd?”

The lady responded, “Yes, I will look and see.”

Then the Southern drawl turned took on a “you’re my buddy” tone in a whisper directed to me through a smile.

“Mayn, you can’t ask ’em any qwestions when they don’t speak the langwage.”

I responded as politely as possible.

“Oh yea. I know what you mean. Es muy importante hablar español en este país.”

The Southern man’s silence was followed by a perfectly blushed “wow” face like: 😲

I know he couldn’t understand.

Because you can’t communicate with people when you don’t speak the language.

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