Medical Marijuana in Washington D.C.


The Law Enforcement Against Prohibition blog just announced that the Senate will be removing the ban that they have had in place against their voters since 1998. In 1998, the voters of Washington D.C. voted for Initiative 59 to allow medical marijuana. This was challenged by using something known as The Barr Amendment which effectively… Read more »

Video Explores the Fight for Medical Marijuana in California


The wonderful website, recently released a wonderful video illustrating the problems that California is facing in trying to succeed with the medical marijiuana movement. It is entitled, “Raiding California” and can be found here. This video is particularly interesting because it focuses on the treatment of a minor. Definitely worth the 10 minutes: Thanks… Read more »

Necessary Components in an Exit Strategy for the War on Drugs


Washington State Representative Roger Goodman stopped by the University of Montana campus to discuss a possible exit strategy for the longest lasting war in American history. The ‘War on Drugs.’ Offering vast amounts of information and very interesting insight into what lawyers across the country and government officials are really starting to do, Representative Goodman… Read more »