If you are looking for the unlisted phone number to report a complaint about an in-store experience with PacSun, please scroll to the end of this post.

This particular experience began in early March of 2008. I was in need of a new belt as mine had become tattered and worn after about a year of use. I decided that since this belt had held on pretty well, that I would go purchase another belt from the same vendor.

The store in this case is PacSun located in Missoula, Montana in Southgate Mall. I had gone to the store many times before and even knew a person who worked there.

Let me start by saying that I have been a patron to this store since it started in the early nineties. Mostly because the Bullhead brand of jeans that they sell fit me better than jeans I can get elsewhere. In fact, I remember when it was still called Pacific Sunwear.

I went in and purchased a black spiked belt not unlike this one:

Keep in mind, I do web application development for a living so I am not constantly engaged in activities which would cause an abnormal amount of wear upon a belt. However, after only a month of owning the product, it snapped completely in half while putting it on one morning. So Bonnie and I went back to the store with the intentions of receiving a refund for such an obviously shoddy product.

We walked into the store and a younger gentleman behind the counter asked if he could help us. We explained that we would like to return a belt and held up the broken product. He said he would grab someone else to help us. A small, female employee approached us and asked us what was up. We explained to her that we had purchased the belt just a month ago and already it broke completely in half. Then she said to hold on while she went to the back. At this point, the gentleman piped up and jokingly said: “Don’t worry, we’ll find someone who know what they’re doing.”

After a minute or two the employee emerged from the back and went to back to the counter and started going through a notebook. While she was looking for something (she didn’t tell us what she was doing), she was able to find the time to help another employee looking for what appeared to be a display guide. After a few more minutes of just standing there, she said that they could give us a new belt or give us store credit. I plainly said that I didn’t want to replace the belt with another one because I was worried it would also break. She stated that it was company policy. “If it broke after a couple of days, then I wouldn’t mind,” she said. “You can trade this (holding up the belt) for a brand new one or get store credit.”

I then asked, “What do I do if the next belt breaks on me again then?” This received no response and an odd look. She then pointed to the bit of wear that had started to occur around the buckle of the belt and said, “This is obviously really worn down.” Of course, the belt snapped in half in the middle of the belt, not near any worn areas. Then the male employee said, “Yea, I’ve got belts that are 4 years old that don’t have that much wear on them.” I responded with, “So, what: I’m wearing my belt wrong? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?” He giggled. I wanted to smack the silly haircut off of his head.

At this point the female employee was getting agitated and said “Look you can take the new belt or get store credit. That’s company policy.” My fiancee then referred to the return policies listed on a small sign on the front of the counter saying “There’s nothing on this sign that says it’s store policy to not refund obviously defective items.” The response? “Well, I know it’s not listed there, but that’s how it is.”

At this point it was obvious that none of the employees helping us had any idea what customer service was so I asked if there was some kind of corporate number available. She responded flippantly with: “I’ll see what I can find.” She indicated towards the receipt (which both Bonnie and I interpreted as: “It’s on the recepit.”), placed the stuff in a bag and handed it to us. Upon leaving the store, there was no number on the paper given to us and we had a store credit for a product that was obviously faulty.

The next morning, I decided to look for a number on the internet to call and report this behavior. Guess what? PacSun does not list their number for in store customer service complaints ANYWHERE on their site or (after a Google search) on the internet. I decided to call the website phone number. When I spoke with someone on the phone, they indicated that they could not help me and gave me the number to call. He then added, “You’re going to have to leave a message and then someone will call you back within 48 hours.”

WHAT?! You mean to tell me that customers, who are irate because of an in-store experience, have to call a number (if they can find it) and leave a message with the hope that someone will call them back? That’s probably the worst consumer customer complaint handling that I have ever heard of.

So he connected me, I left a message, and assumed I wouldn’t hear anything for quite a while.

Shortly after I returning home from work, I received a call asking for me by my first name. The woman on the phone then asked me to tell my story of the PacSun experience to her. After listening to my story, she informed me that the staff on that day was full of inexperienced people who had been there for less than 4 months. She apologized profusely and said that she would be talking to the store manager about scheduling a better mix of experienced and inexperienced people. She offered me a coupon for $25.00 off a $50.00 purchase with no expiration date and said that we would be able to use our gift card in conjunction with the coupon because of the terrible experience. She then gathered my information and apologized some more.

The woman on the phone (Cindy B. – District Manager) was extremely helpful, very kind and honest about the situation. That was all I was looking for from the store employees. They should have acknowledged the product was faulty, refunded the money, and been far more helpful for a customer who was obviously in a distressed situation.

When all was said and done: the experience with the district manager helped to save an otherwise horrible interaction in the store and I will probably go back there to buy more jeans. However, I will definitely not be buying a belt from them any time soon.

[UPDATE]: Cindy B. went above and beyond with the package that I received. It was shipped 2-day mail and included a hand-written apology note and two Bullhead brand t-shirts along with the promised $25 off card. Now that’s what I call customer service.

By the way: here is the COMPLETELY UNLISTED phone number for reporting a bad in store experience with PacSun:

1-800-444-6770 – extension 5030

Also, I asked Cindy B. about the fact that in-store complaints are handled through voicemail. Apparently, there is one person who checks the voicemail and then disperses it to the proper channels. Just a suggestion PacSun? Let pissed off customers talk to someone on the phone. Don’t make them leave a message.

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  • pissed off pacsun shopper :)

    I was trying to find the pacsun corporate number tonight and when I typed it into Yahoo I came across your site. That was helpful and their customer service sucks.

    My boyfriend asked if the fitting rooms needed to be unlocked or if you could just go in yourself and the girl responded very smartly with, “Well there is a young man occupying it, and yes they are locked, which means that I have to unlock them.”

    They had FOUR fitting rooms one of which was occupied, that leaves me with the question…What about the other three??? After her reply she walked her lazy self over and unlocked one.

    Just the way she answered really pissed me off. That is crap service for you.

  • Roni Conner

    Same exact experience. I purchased a sweater at a store in Lubbock TX, (where i had arrived on a flight form Kentucky) the sales rep left the ink tag on the sweater, I did not realize until I reached my parents house in Clovis NM where they live. The store in clovis was unable to remove the tag and had no # for me to contact the corporate office. The next day I traveld 4 hours to Albuquerque NM where the 2 stores in this area where unable to remove the tag as well. I really loved the sweater and could not find anything worth swaping it for (Ialso had a limited amount of clothes with me, so I really did need to have it) I finally gave up and told my parents I would try to have them remove it in Lexington KY where I live, At this point I have been through 3 states and 4 stores where nobody could/Would help me. The store in Lexington finally had a similar sweater. It was however $10 more expensive- I told the manager I thought it would be fair to waive the $10 dollars- he did not agree and refused to help with any compensation or to help with finding a contact number for a corporate office. I went online, finally finding a number on this website and was subjected to at least 10 phone calls where I had to leave messages. Horrible customer service and a redicoulous trial by fire just to make a complaint.

  • Jane Bode

    Thanks for the info.
    I have been trying to purchase a belt to give my son for Christmas (he picked it out) since Nov 18th. I went to both stores in our area and the belt was “unavailable”. Their sales people didn’t offer any help at all, except to say “if it’s not out we don’t have it”. I had no other choice but to order online, not a good experience either. First their online ordering service wouldn’t accept my information, it took literally hours of trying, including chatting to one of their staff to get that resolved. When I finally got the belt they had sent the wrong one.
    Another call to customer service resulted in the same wrong belt being sent to me again, so now I have 2.
    Sadly, I had no choice but to call again, and this time was told that “it must be an error at the factory”. I was assured that it would be taken care of, and given a promise that I would receive an E mail from them within 48 hours, telling me that the problem had been resolved, and letting me know that the correct belt had shipped. That was 4 days ago and I am still waiting. If frustration were a tangible product, Pac Sun would be the top seller. I hope the number I got from you helps me get this settled, once and for all because If I never have to deal with Pac Sun again it will be too soon.

  • Kari Brown

    I tried to use a customer reward coupon issued by PACSUN because I am a frequent customer. I have tried using it several times over the last few months, but the item has never been available in my son’s size. We finally found the item in in his size today and when I went to purchase the item, I was told the coupon was expired. I was not aware there was an expiration date…it’s printed on the back of the coupon. I asked the store manager if he could override it since I have tried to redeem the coupon several times over the last few months, and since he is aware that I shop there often. He exclaimed “I am not going to lose my job over a tee shirt!” You would think I had asked him to slip a $100 jacket in my bag! I work for a major corporation, and my company gives us the authority to make decisions regarding customers whether they are frequent customers or one time customers. I was dismayed an adult manager would behave so hysterically over a coupon with a $20 value. I have left a message at the number you posted. I will let you know if the customer service is better beyond the local store level.

  • Jessie Jones

    Thank you so much. I also had a problem with the PacSun in Lubbock, Texas. My boyfriend bought me an $80 coat for Christmas and got the wrong size. He also had misplaced the receipt. Of course, the PacSun ran out of mediums and said they couldn’t order anymore. No number to call, no help, all they said was that I could exchange it. However, it was a gift and I wanted the one that was given to me. I called the stores in Midland, Odessa, Abilene, and Amarillo and none of them had any either. All I want is to get the SAME coat in a size medium. I dont want to get my money back or buy another coat. I really don’t think this should be that hard of an issue. So I called the number listed on this site and left a message. Hopefully I will hear something soon. Thanks again.

  • Suzie Harris

    My daughter had a horrible experience today at Pac Sun in Bakersfield, CA. She tried to exchange a pair of pants, with a receipt, not worn. The manager argued with her and said that the pants had been worn and they would not take them or give her store credit. The manager then called my 16 year old daughter a liar and threw the pants across the counter at her. I am making a visit too the store tomorrow. I was looking for the DM # and found your your site. Thank you. It really stinks that my daughter only likes clothes from there.

  • Alison

    1. If you didn’t have a receipt for your belt how do you expect them to give you a refund? They need to know how you paid in order to credit that back. If you did have a receipt then you were in the right because the return policy is worn (at managements descretion) or unworn clothing within 60 days (with a receipt) is refundable in the exact same form you paid with (excluding checks which are a little different).

    2. The fitting room experience is just atrocious. You really should have asked to speak to a manager and complained. The employee would have most likely been written up AND learned not to do the same to another customer. I’m sorry for your experience though.

    3. No one will remove a sensor without a receipt. It’s just plain stupid if anyone did. They are put there to DETER thieves, if you could bring sensored items back with no receipt then people would steal all the time to get money back that THEY NEVER PAID. Leason learned: hold on to your receipts!

    4. All PacSun stores only get a certain number of each item. The reason people like to shop there is because of the UNIQUE clothing, hence a limited number of each style is available. It is unfortunate that they didn’t carry your size of the coat, however, you could have taken a store credit in the form of a gift card and used that to purchase your coat online (if available). We really have a huge selection online though and even if your size is completely sold out I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard for you to find a replacement.

    5. Who accepts expired coupons despite how frequent of a customer you are? It has an expiration date for a reason. They keep inventory of the coupons handed out and received in those dates and use it to predict sales, traffic flow, purchases, and much more. Therefore accepting your EXPIRED coupon would affect all of the above. [expire: to come to an end; terminate, as a contract, guarantee, or offer.]

    6. I’m so sorry your daughter had to deal with such awful service at the store in CA. I encourage you to get a hold of the Store Manager and ask to please speak to their District Manager. The manager who handled the return should be fired.

  • kristina r

    i worked on and off for pacsun for 6 years, and even though i was just a sales assoc.for 2 years and later made a assistant manager for 3 years , i treated my store like i was the store manager. for many years i gave my whole heart to that company, and well i have worked in retail my whole life and have been a very loyal and responsible employee. in Dec 08 my district manager quit after 8 years ( who i was acutally hired by) and after the new DM was put in charge he one by one fired all managers in the district, and promoted younger kids as the management in his district. He was very rude to me when i did nothing wrong, and the day he fired me was on my granfathers birthday who just passed away a week before that, and whom i was very close to. So it was hard enough to put on a smiling face, but i did a great job that day, not one person knew i was upset. Anyways, cut this story short. Here i am , i work for two wonderfull companies now, Best buy full time and starbucks partime, and i have gotten my W-2’s from both companies now, i am a busy girl, and dont have alot of time when im not at a job. so i thought maybe i could find a way that i can get my w-2 from pacsun corp, via nett, and of course i cant. i called the local store i used to work at, and the only sales assoc that is left ( who is now a manager) was there, and remebered me, said she hasnt gotten her’s either. And i know the law.. postdate by 31st, but that’s a crock of bull, all the other companies i work for sent out my w-2’s already, or i could print them off my e-payroll account. Pacsun is really going down hill. Not only that i have been in the Sarasota fl, store on and off since OCT 09- till present if i ever go to the mall, which is the store i was a manager at. The condition of that store is Horrible, and i mean it wasnt even busy in the mall the 2 hrs i was there. When i worked for the store, not one person came into that store without being greated and asked if they were looking for something particular.. I.E. letting them know of any sales and or pacloot. I have not been greated ONCE in the last 4 months i have been in there. i even tried a experiement with my boyfriend and walked around for 20 mins. Not even a hello. the clothes have been become cheap looking, and the dressing rooms were open and full of crap. Not only that, as far as i know there is a standard for how far from the ground clothes and fixtures are supposed to be, and all , and i mean ALL the sales clothes in the back were touching the floor. It really hits me hard, i mean deeply hurts me to see the store in that condition, b/c i worked so hard, with my team to get that store in perfect shape. All that work destroyed. I dont know what this new DM is telling his teams, or what he is not telling them, but he is doing a horrible job. I really hate complaining about this b/c i loved that place and truely believed in that company for many years, but i eventually just got trampled and thrown away. Pacsun needs to follow threw with checking on there DM’s to see if they are doing a good enough job. My boyfriend keeps telling me that he wants to call and complain, and i have been putting it off just b/c of how long i worked there, but enough is enough. Its horrible there now, all my old “regulars” have told me they stopped shopping there b/c of how rude, and unorganized it is there now. I’m going to call the number you provided as well to call and complain. Thank you cause i couldn’t find it online, and havent worked there since march 09 so i forgot the number myself. For all of the employees that work at pacsun, i hope they treat you better than they have treated me ( they wouldnt even pay me the vacation i was entitled to at the end of my termination). i would LOVE to see what the SHRINK report is going to be this year, and then iwould LOVE to rub it in the face of the DM that fired me , cause i am willing to bet 250 $ that its WORSE than the two previous years. There is no way with all the horrible customer service and the store being a mess like that, that kids and ORC;s have not hit that store bad… i guess we will see! CORP is deff getting a call from me, thank you for having this site!

  • Former Mr. PacSun

    I also worked for PacSun, 5 years in store management. Every store i worked at had great customer service, great sales figures, and shrink right on or below target. However, this apparently wasn’t good enough. I know that my DM was told to “pick three managers and work them out of the business” and I was one of those unfortunate ones. I was treated worse and worse by the company and my superiors. Eventually, I sought out a different job and am finally at a company that values me and my set of skills. Just like Kristina R previously said, I too had a great love and loyalty for the company, but it was eroded at the end of my tenure and afterwards. And just as I thought, the manager they replaced me with has been inefficient, and let sales and customer satisfaction erode tremendously. I had several customers who followed me to my new job, because they know that I’ll treat them like gold. They have also expressed their displeasure with the service and state of my former store.

    To Allison (above), you sound like you work there. It was common for people to come in with expired PacLoot and want to redeem them. I never flatly said no to this as making a sale was better than not making a sale. Management is entitled to make exceptions to pretty much any customer service issue, and I did on a regular basis to keep my customers happy and returning. I would just simply tell them that I’m making an exception for them this time, but they would need to try and come in during the redemption period. I mean, my regulars spent several hundred dollars to get those coupons. It would be horrible customer service to deny them the discount because they missed it by a couple of days or a week or two. I understand that policies are there for a reason, but if they complain to corporate, or your DM, and it’s not an unreasonable request, the customer will get what they want. Why not just go ahead and make them happy yourself, and spare the embarrasment of looking like a fool?

  • Mares

    I bought about 4 pairs of jeans a month ago at pacsun. I put on my favorite pair the other day and the seam ripped from the top of the zipper down to the knee cap. I couldn’t believe how terrible they had been made. I went to look for a customer service number and after much searching stumbled upon this site and left a message.

  • Rex L

    Just went back to the location at the Tempe Marketplace in Arizona to return/exchange a shirt that did not fit. With receipt in hand, I expected no issues, however it seemed the staff had other ideas. It was a big deal to return the shirt for my money back and in addition I got smart remarks from the associates. I’m waiting to hear back from the DM to let he know about the garbage staff at that location.

  • Luisa

    I work at PacSun and it upsets me that all of these employees and even managers are rude and disrespectful to customers. We’re considered “Brand Reps” because we represent the brand and the company. There are those who actually care about the customers and I hope that all of you who shop at PacSun will be able to be taken care of by one of them, rather than the obnoxious ones who really don’t care. When I work, I work for the customer. They are my main responsibility and anyone who works in retail, no matter how frustrated you are, your customers are your main priority. Some people who work in retail just have a horrible work ethic and yes, we have to deal with customers that aren’t so nice to us either, but maybe if you just leave them with a little smile it might make their day even a little bit better. I’ve worked in PacSun for the past three years and I do what I do to see those devoted customers that come back every season to shop with us, but since our new manager started working there I’ve lost a lot of those customers. Some of us just aren’t meant to work in retail so they need to find another job.

  • Amy

    I was getting heated just reading this post and all of the comments. Former Mr. Pac Sun, you sound like a wonderful employee, and I only wish that there were more employees — scratch that, more people in general, like you in the world.

    One of my closest friends is an employee at Pac Sun, and has been faithfully working there for three years. Nearly every night she works, she comes home with horror stories about her store manager. One particular week, after she got her work schedule, she calmly tried to ask him why she was scheduled to work a weekend she had requested off more than two weeks before, so she could attend a family wedding out of town. He was downright rude to her, and told her that if she didn’t show up, she would lose her job.

    Another one of my friends had received a Pac Sun gift card as a birthday present, and found on the back that “Remaining balance will be refunded in cash upon request.” After she bought a belt, she decided that she wanted to get the rest in cash and buy a winter coat elsewhere. After purchasing the belt, she politely asked the girl working if she could have the remaining balance back in cash, and the girl gave her a weird look and asked her to hold on. She got the manager, and after he took a look at the card (which is the exact same card they are CURRENTLY selling, down to the black and blue pattern on the front), said, “Oh, this must be an old card. We don’t do that anymore.” Still remaining polite, she said, “But the card says –” and he interrupted her and repeated himself. The next day, she called and spoke with a customer service representative, who told her that ALL Pac Suns must honor what the gift cards say on the back, and even asked her Supervisor to speak with my friend on the phone, who told her the same thing. My friend also called another Pac Sun in the area, and spoke with the Store Manager there, who ALSO told her the same thing. So she went back to the store, and two girls were working. Both of them gave her the same weird look, and then called the Store Manager on the phone. The exchange went something like this:

    Store Manager: Hello, ma’am? Are you the same woman who came in a couple of days ago?
    My friend: Yes, I am. I spoke with a couple of customer service representatives…(She went on to explain her ordeal).
    SM: Okay, but we don’t do that at THIS STORE.
    MF: Really? Because the customer service representatives and other store manager said —
    SM: (Interrupts) I UNDERSTAND THAT, but we don’t do that at THIS STORE. And please don’t come back to this store again asking for the same transaction.

    When she came out of the store and told me what happened, I had half a mind to grab the card myself and march right back into the store, demanding they honor what THEIR gift card says in plain writing on the back. But my friend refused to hand it over, and instead said she would just call customer service the next day.

    I’m hoping customer service will take action, and that this particular store manager never works in retail again. If they don’t fire him, I’ll see to it that his sales suffer by telling all of my family and friends about the experience.

  • debbiewake

    I bought my son a giftcard for Christmas. It was in a white cardboard sleeve. When the sales assoc. handed the card to me after activating it he asked if I wanted a bag. My son was out in the Mall so I said no and put the cardboard sleeve in my purse. This was Thursday, Dec. 23 in the evening. I opened my purse only once more after that and took notice of the white cardboard sleeve still there. On Christmas Eve, the next day, when I started to give my son his gifts, I pulled out the cardboard sleeve and opened it – there was no gift card inside. My problem is I don’t know for sure that the sales assoc. put the gift card back in the sleeve, or if it somehow fell out(although highly unlikely). I called the store the day after Christmas to have them cancel the gift card number as I had the receipt. They said there was nothing they could do but after speaking with a manager, gave me the customer service number listed above. I immediately called and left a message. It has been three days with no response, so I left another message this morning. On the website scripsmart.com – which reviews gift cards – it says lost or stolen gift cards may be replaced. I contacted them to find out where they got the information and the reviewer said he had a copy of a chat with their customer service – who said gift cards purchased online would be replaced if lost or stolen. I hope that doesn’t mean, I will be penalized for actually going into a store and buying as opposed to buying online. We’ll see what happens!

  • Tina

    I returned a Christmas gift that was damaged to a PacSun just this evening. The Store Mgr. was RUDE and did not even look at me when he spoke. He made a big deal about the fact it was purchased in November. I told him that my daughter had just worn the two shirts that I was returning. I didn’t realize you have to wear something the day you get it. He said there was nothing he could do being it was past the 60 days. I pointed out to him that on the back of the receipt it states after 60 days you can receive store credit. He then said with a nasty attitude, “WHAT IS IT YOU WANT?” I stated the store credit as stated on my receipt and then he said “YOU GOT TWENTY DOLLARS”. I picked up a shirt that I thought was twenty dollars but it rang up twelve something and he snatched a gift card from the counter, slammed it through the register to put the balance on it and shoved it in the bag with a smart ass “Thanks for shopping at PacSun” TERRIBLE Customer Service, not to mention we weren’t greeted when we walked in AND when they saw the bag for the return they didn’t offer any assistance whatsoever.

  • Alexandra

    I’m a frequent shopper at the Pac Sun at my mall and I rarely feel welcome when I go in there. I’m a supervisor at my own retail store so I understand it’s difficult to greet every single customer upon arrival, but when there’s only two of us in the store and the employees are simply building walls or cleaning, I kind of expect to be asked if I need help. The other day I went in with a return in the pac sun bag, was not greeted when I arrived, and looked around for 10 minutes (was not asked if I needed help) but decided I didn’t want anything else.

    THEN the employee who helped me out at the counter had the gull to ask me if I was sure I didn’t want anything else.
    I said “No, thanks I’m good.”
    “Are you sure?”
    “Yes, I looked already.”
    “It’s only $4.50 you might as well get something else.”
    *trying to hold back my glare here* “No, I’d just like it back on my card please.”

    He was then pouty about failing to make a sale.

    This has happened in one other instance with the same man, but I know the employees are capable of being better. I went in with my friend at 4am on Black Friday and we were just about pounced on every five minutes.

  • chelsie jones

    My sister was in your carousel mall store in syracuse ny on tuesday at 4pm her wallet along with $85.00 was stolen from her. When I called to ask about security cameras an associate named Stacy claimed to be a manager rudely told me “it’s a lost cause” and that you don’t supply security cameras in your store. When I than asked for security of the mall and their number she said to look it up and hung up on me. I called back again and when I said hello she said “excuse me” than I asked can I have security’s number she said rudely again “I’ll have to put you on hold and look it up in the phone book for you” than she sighed and hung up on me for a second time. The final time I called a gentlemen answered the phone and was a little more kind and said if this is in regards to the wallet that your store can’t help I explained that we will be receiving a police report and that I wanted the name of the “MANAGER” I spoke to he explained her name was Stacy and wasn’t a manager that their store manager is no longer there with the company I then asked may I please have security of the mall and explained I didn’t appreciate Stacy’s attitude and in the quickness as if the number was right in front of him he listed the number to me. Now as a manager and a previous employee of a large mall I know that security’s number is listed right by the phones along with in some malls an extension for transfer. The way Stacy treated me on the phone with her suspicious and hostel attitude the minute I mentioned the wallet was uncalled for and also leads me to think she may have been involved in the theft seeing she was working the same day and has access to the store and refused to help the day it was lost and along with my phone calls today. Now my concern is do you not have camera’s in your store that the police can’t examine? With that said I refuse to spend my money or time with a company that doesn’t provide help or concern that is wrong the way she acted and that experience shifted my family, friends, and I to not shop at a store that we enjoy so much.

  • Zack

    So I work for Pacsun.. I recently got hired, I love my job. The only thing is I have a very angry assistant manager.. I just started there two weeks ago.. And only worked like 3 days.. So I obviously don’t know everything about the store yet.. We were working one night and I since I had just started I didnt know where a few shirts went.. I didn’t know if she want them in a specific place or what.. So I kindly asked and her response was “where all the shirts go..(with a rude attitude” I knew that much.. But where? I didnt want to make a mistake by putting it somewhere else and then get yelled by someone else.. This is they way of answering all her questions.. And to me I find it just rude.. We were closing that night and we had 4 people that night.. We have about an hour to restore the store so I was doing my job and making sure clothes were folded and what not.. While she stood there texting on her phone and talking to the other employees.. Right as we were about to leave she asked if anyone had swept.. I obviously couldn’t because I was making sure all the clothes were folded.. I figured someone else could since they were just walking around on their phones and talking to her at the same time.. So she puts me to sweep which i was okay with it.. I didn’t care.
    Later that night I look her up on twitter and I find out that she tweeted “this motherf… Know they need to sweep so why are they standing around”… I definitely don’t find that very ethical.. I find that rude towards me.. Specially calling me names when I obviously haven’t done anything.. Im so sick of her attitude towards people and us associates.. What should I do? I don’t want to call hr and let them find out my name because I just started an don’t want drama but something needs to be done.. Help?

  • Mary

    I took my daughter to the Pac Sun in the Tanger Mall in Branson Mo. on 12/11/11. After visiting many stores in the mall and in each one we were greeted near the door and were informed of sales. Not in PacSun. There were two very young people behind the counter laughing and joking with each other. It appeared that we bothered them that we had entered their store. We were never offered any help. We had to interrupt their joking with each other to get into a fitting room. Then as we continued to shop, both of them kept glaring at us. I did purchase 3 items only because my daughter really wanted them but I will NEVER be going back to that store. Those two kids were really rude and need some serious customer service training.

  • Evan

    I have been a PacSun shopper for 5 years now and have had plenty of bad experiences. I still go back to the store and I have been a loyal customer, but my last experience will end my loyalty and shopping in PacSun. Over the years I have had many times where the employees were rude or not helpful, faulty merchandise, and unnecessary charges when sales are in place such as not giving me a Buy One, Get One half Price deal which is clearly marked. One of my first bad experiences with them was when we were school shopping for our family. We were happy to find shirts we liked that were a Buy One, Get One Half Off. We went through the long line to get to the register and we started ringing in the clothes we planned to buy. We were catching that all of our Buy One, Get One half Off T-shirts weren’t ringing up with the discount. When she was doing this she remarked, “It does this every time. It will be fine.” We decided to trust her and just go through with the $350 transaction for clothes. After we got the receipt, we found that only one of shirts got the deal and we wanted them to just fix the error that she made. She snapped at us and remarked, “Go to the back of the line.” At this point we had enough of her attitude and unwillingness to work with us over a small problem. So we waited 15 minutes to get back up to the register and returned all the clothes we had just purchased. We didn’t think they handled their business in a fair or ethical way at that location so we never went back to that particular store(PacSun, Mall of America in Minnesota).

    Although that experience was not pleasant, this one was the one to end my loyalty to the store Pacsun. On January 03, 2012, my longtime girlfriend and I were on our way to return a Christmas present she had gotten for me. It was a just a plain T-Shirt that she had gotten through the Buy One, Get One Half Off sale. The shirt was just too big and we wanted to get one in a smaller size. We had already asked if it was possible for us to do this with the first employee we encountered. Her answer was yes. We found a shirt we liked that fit and was of the same value of the one previously bought. We went up with the receipt and had the woman at the counter help us exchange the shirt. She went through the process as my girlfriend and I were talking. When she is done with the short process she turns to me and says, “Your total amount is $12.XX.” I was perplexed to why there was any need for a money exchange. We were just exchanging for a smaller size. So I her that I was just exchanging the shirt for a smaller size and she said it didn’t matter. I asked her why and she said, “We don’t know what shirt you paid full price for so we have to charge you for the full price if this shirt.” I tried explaining to her that my girlfriend had already bought the shirt in their sale and it was an even exchange. The tags were still on it, I had the receipt, and we got the shirt from the same rack. She rudely commented in her fresh out of high school tone, “Regardless.. YOU still owe US $12.XX.” At this point I realized there is no logical reasoning with this rude Assistant Manager. I wasn’t going to pay full price for my shirt that my girlfriend bought for me on sale. It was an even exchange but in her mind it wasn’t. I have no respect left for such a greedy and unethical store. It seems if they are trying to take my money at every opportunity. I have no faith or loyalty left for PacSun. I will take my money to a store that knows how to treat their customers.

  • Evan

    Last location visited was the Pacsun in Memorial City Mall, Houston, Texas.

  • Another Former Employee

    I worked with PacSun for almost 3 years and I never treated a customer badly. I loved my job and the company and always treated customers fairly I often went out of my way to create a positive experience. My whole store did! I took pride in my work and in helping people. Customers didn’t always get what they wanted, but they got a smiling face doing everything she could do find a comparable solution. It disappoints me to see that not all locations feel the same way.

    Sometimes what customers feel is right in a situation is not a service we as store crew members are able to provide; such in the case of lost receipts, expired coupons, and sizes. I am usually not willing as an employee to jeopardize my job by bending the rules for a customer unless given an okay by a manager.

    Now, I’m not making excuses. I can’t speak for all Pac Team Members. Maybe sometimes the employees are jerks, but I’m also sure most of the time they are just following the rules. There were times I wanted to do more (like I would have loved to let the original poster just have his money back) but I can’t! Now, of course there are times where I might slip someone a small discount or coupon to make up for an unfortunate situation but I can’t get away with that if I do it all the time. And in other less common situations, the customer just plain is asking for too much and I just can’t comply. I would gladly find a different solution to make them happy, but sometimes that wasn’t enough.

    So all I’m saying is… It’s not PacSun as a whole. Most of us really want to help. Sometimes the employees are jerks, sometimes the customers should be a little more understanding.

    p.s. I don’t understand how there seems to be so much trouble finding a corp. phone number. My store had business cards with it on them all the time. Also, a quick google search found the number for me pretty quick and even the address (I needed it to file for unemployment. Yes, I was laid off, and I still stick up for PacSun).

  • jim

    I work retaul and you , being thre lady that started this post or a male, i cant tell cuz you complain like a girl, but long story short, uf u own something foe a month or two, you now own that, who knows what its been thru, water damage, weight gain, ect.. you expecy ur money back. its people like u that make my job in retail terrible, its called life, sometimes you play the hand your dealt and buy a new belty you cheap fruggle weirdo

  • Ryan

    I used to often go to pacsun, everytime the customer service was not great but I still used to go there but my last experience at a pacsun store in Nevada reno at the summit mall was the worst and I would never go to this store again. period.

  • mano

    I went with my daughter To the Cambridgeside Galleria mall (cambridge MA) and we visited the pac sun store, and we had a terrible experience with the manager and an awful cashier/ sales person. They should be retrained or replaced.