As many of you probably know by now… Firefox 3 is great. However, it is still in Beta.

For those of us web developers, one of the woes of the beta was the loss of our beloved Firebug. This add-on makes designing and customizing web pages a snap. Chances are, that if you are an avid surfer or a web developer, you are also reliant on the wonderful Firefox plugin Tab Mix Plus. It allows you to customize how you want your tabs displayed and (perhaps most importantly) allows you to split your tabs into rows.

Until recently, you had to alter the add-ons a bit in order to get them to work with Firefox beta 5.

However, now you can grab the newest versions of these add-ons and they work like a charm! Keep in mind that they (like Firefox 3 Beta) are versions in development so use them at your own risk! (I just had to put that in there but they seem to work fine for me)

Here are the links:

Now you can use your favorite new beta Firefox browser with your favorite add-ons again!

I hope someone else finds these links helpful. Long live Firefox 3!