In a shocking example of the type of things that go through the heads of our officials: officers in Missoula, MT have taken it upon themselves to use a battering ram and forcibly enter the home of David Michaud (source).

Inside, they confiscated 30 cannabis plants that were setup in a hydroponic grow.

They let him keep the 6 plants that he’s allowed to have, because he’s a registered patient in the state of Montana. He uses cannabis to help him with migraine headaches, pain and nausea.

However, they are charging him with production of dangerous drugsdangerous drugs.

In addition, they are also charging him with criminal endangerment because his child was in the house. They claim “high-powered lights and a lit bunson burner” posed a fire hazard. The high powered lights being used to grow his medicine, and the lit bunson burner acting, more than likely, as a source of CO2 for this.

This is what the prosecutors are alleging according to The Missoulian. All of this done acting as though the child is not going to be traumatized by seeing officers break in the house, or by losing a father.

Now, he’s in jail in lieu of $20,000 bail.

Just sickening.

President Obama:

Remember that website you asked us all to visit? Remember when you asked the country to come and express their concerns? Well we did.

The number one listing for the request from your citizens was that we wanted cannabis to be legalized, taxed, or at the very least: left up to the states for governance. You and your administration have taken it upon yourselves to insult us by putting the response to our plea at the bottom of your archival:

Is this a joke? A good and clear response is delivered for all of the other questions yet your administration, and you yourself, because I address you specifically, find this appropriate:

“President-elect Obama is not in favor of the legalization of marijuana.”

People are losing their lives every day.

You ask for an economic stimulus, yet you jail those who would stimulate an economy from nothing.

You ask for peace in our streets and for gangs to lower their holds on our citizens, yet you prosecute those who would take their power away.

In our town, a man has been taken away from his child for trying to care for himself and his pain, and now he’s being charged with “production of a dangerous drug.”

What is it, sir?

We’re allowed to have doctors and science tell us that we can use this plant to help ourselves. We’re allowed to have them and other patients tell us that there is nothing better for that which ails us.

What is it, sir?

We’re allowed to watch people die day, after day, after day from other medications and “drugs” that they are allowed to procure in the supermarket.

What is it, sir?

Don’t ask us for our opinion and then ignore it. It is not becoming of a President asking his citizens to sacrifice for the good of the nation.

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