In February of 2008, I reported on the arrests of Scott and Summer Day. Scott and Summer were doing what so many Americans are finding themselves doing these days: growing their own medicine in the form of cannabis. Scott suffered from a rare condition that usually took the lives of its victims at around age 12. Because of this, he required upwards of $40,000 worth of treatment every month; cannabis provided a relief the costly medicines could not provide.

Almost a year ago, I regretfully extended that report with the loss of a good man: Scott Day. He and his wife found their lives wrapped up in the turmoil of the drug war; the stress of which, ultimately aided in the untimely death of Scott.

In that report, I pleaded for anyone and everyone to contact the appropriate departments in Beaverhead County, Montana to try and halt the prosecution of Scott’s wife, Summer. She was still facing 2 years to life in prison and a fine of up to $50,000 after having to deal with the blow of losing her husband.

Now, I am pleased to report some wonderful news! According to Patients & Families United, Summer Day has had her prosecution deferred! Here’s the quote:

We are very pleased to announce that Beaverhead County has decided to defer its planned prosecution of Summer Day.

Many of you know Summer well, from past gatherings we’ve held, and also knew her husband, Scott Day, who died last September. They became cherished members of the Patients & Families United network from the moment we met them, soon after the western Montana drug task force invaded their home and destroyed Scott’s medicinal garden. At the time, they were medical marijuana patients – but unregistered with the state health department.

In our view, the county’s unnecessary but relentless prosecution of Scott and Summer Day contributed mightily to the worsening of Scott’s health and his premature death. The county attorney’s continued attempt to prosecute Summer, even after Scott had perished, was unfounded and especially unconscionable.

We congratulate Summer on having this legal cloud finally dissipate, and we thank her attorney, public defender Jon Moog, for all his hard work on Summer’s (and Scott’s) behalf. It’s been a pleasure and an honor to know and work with both of them, and gratifying to see another patient cleared of punishment at the hands of our overzealous “criminal justice” system.

Depending on the type of deferment, this means that the charges against her could, eventually, be dismissed.

This is a wonderful bit of news in a long struggle.

ILoveBonnie.net would like to personally congratulate Summer and extend a thanks to her public defender, Jon Moog for his hard work.

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  • is the task force located all around the state or just beaverhead county?