Moving Right Along

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Well, it was time for a change. This blog has transitioned to it’s new permanent location here at Random Drake. There are events in our lives which cannot be foretold and thus, we move on and on in an effort to keep up with the inevitable force that drives us known as: change. Moving the… Read more »

Experience Liberia – All The Episodes of The Vice Guide to Liberia


While browsing around the Internet, I came upon a rather startling series of videos. These videos were the first, in quite a long time, where I had to stop part way through and take a break. They show the absolutely staggering poverty and conditions that exist within the country of Liberia. BE WARNED that these… Read more »

Medical Marijuana in Washington D.C.


The Law Enforcement Against Prohibition blog just announced that the Senate will be removing the ban that they have had in place against their voters since 1998. In 1998, the voters of Washington D.C. voted for Initiative 59 to allow medical marijuana. This was challenged by using something known as The Barr Amendment which effectively… Read more »