Empathy as a Trait for Good Developers

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Empathy is a trait of good developers that is not often discussed. It’s one that I learned and honed through creative endeavors and has served me well in my roles as a developer. While discussing what makes a good developer on Hacker News, I wrote a comment regarding empathy. A lot of folks identified with… Read more »

Getting Started with Satchmo for Django on Ubuntu 12.04


There are a few different options that are often mentioned regarding Django and eCommerce services. I could have rolled my own but I’m trying to get better about giving previously built and tested libraries more of a chance before doing so. After some research, I decided to give Satchmo a try for a shopping cart… Read more »

Deploying an Existing Django App to Heroku on Ubuntu 12.04


The documentation from Heroku on how to start and deploy a Django application is quite excellent. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information out there on how to deploy something you’ve already written. In addition, the guide assumes you already have a decent amount of knowledge surrounding things like virtualenv. Because of this, I thought… Read more »