In Februay I wrote about a story involving Heather Gillman and Ponce de Leon high school. The student was suspended for standing up for gay rights within her school. As a result, the writer of this blog has received numerous threats in regards to the story. The ACLU was put into the mix and now, 3 months later, the courts have ordered the school to notify students, in writing, that standing up for gay rights is okay.

The principal, David Davis, suspended the student in question and was quoted as telling a person to “not be gay.”

Unfortunately, the principal has learned nothing from the experience. According to WJHG news, the principal:

“…would not go on camera. He did say he’s disappointed in the judges’ decision, but he will abide by that ruling.

According to the Miami Herald:

“Davis also testified that he believed rainbows were “sexually suggestive” and would make students unable to study because they’d be picturing gay sex acts in their mind. The principal went on to admit that while censoring rainbows and gay pride messages he allowed students to wear other symbols many find controversial, such as the Confederate flag.”

It is disgusting to think that the principal of a school would equate a gay rights symbol to a symbol associated with slavery and stupidity. However, it sheds light on where his ignorant beliefs may stem from.

I am glad that the school is being taught a lesson and I hope the people in the community of the school will stand together to remove this ignorant and terrible person from the Ponce de Leon school administration.

  • granny

    The family didn`t threaten you. We just wanted the “girl in the green dress” picture off of your website. And we appreciate it that you took it off.

  • I did not say I was threatened by any family members of anyone associated with the previous post. Whenever a controversial subject is covered, there is always the chance of a few people saying some pretty ‘interesting’ things to the writer.

    I am glad that you are satisfied with the removal.

  • girls

    he is still at the high school he is a history teacher some students don’t even want to be any were near is class