Today, this blog was featured on the large and popular news site, Sky News for the Google map that I created involving the conflict in South Ossetia between Russia, Georgia and the South Ossetians. If you are looking for the post featured in the the article, you can find it here:

An additional story covering the cyberattacks, when they first occurred in the region, can be found here:

Here’s an excerpt from the Sky News story about the post:

“The map was created by American blogger David Drake who writes for the blog ilovebonnie.net.

David will be keeping the map up to date as events take place.

He told Sky News: “When I first heard about the conflict I was surprised that it was so difficult to find a good map of the area so I decided to make my own.”

“I first became interested in Russia when I took a History of Russian Culture class in my studies at George Mason University. We studied some of the conflicts that have happened, historically, in the region. Obviously Georgia came up during those discussions.””

The main story from Sky News about the conflict can be found here.

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