I would provide a transcript but it just doesn’t show you how stupid this video makes her look (sorry about the advertisement, but it is probably full of more content and intelligence Palin in the interview):

“…as ‘Poohtn’ rears his head and uh, comes into a-, the airspace of the United Stehts of Euh-mehrica. Where do they go? It’s Eh-laaaskah…”: was the serpentine hand gesture when trying to explain the leader of Russia really necessary? How about the little finger point and a dont’cha know it’s Alaska that’s they go to with the squinted eyes. Governor Palin: do you really think that the reporter was unaware that Russia was in close proximity to Alaska or are you just talking to hear yourself speak? I’m fairly sure you’re incapable of realizing the former, so I’m gonna go with the latter. With all due respect, last I checked the Russian navy was not training near Alaska.

This is the person the Republican party expects to negotiate with world leaders when our economy is failing, we have conflicts across the globe and countries have already lost respect for the U.S.A.

A bumbling, stumbling, uninformed embarrassment to the American people. Even if she isn’t elected, it’s an insult to the American populous that such an obvious fool would be even considered to help run the country.

If you thought Bush was bad, Palin will make your head spin.

Please, please, please do not let this person end up anywhere near the White House.

I feel like I’ve seen someone respond to a question like this before. Oh wait, I remember. Miss Tean USA from South Carolina:

Seriously, is this a joke?

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  • mo from canada

    hahah that is comedy