Tears flowed as the news came rushing in.

“Pfft… have fun going out to a party,” I told my friends, assuming that the elections would not be decided for quite some time. So I nestled in at home with some beer and some food for what would undoubtedly be a long, long night.

The news started pouring in as soon as polls started closing. The stunned looks on the faces of the reporters were like a mirror to what was happening inside. I left quickly to grab some beer, telling my fiancee that she should call me if any more states should go to Obama.

While standing in line at the grocery store the following message came through:

“Illinois – obama almort can cal.”

The message was simple enough: Obama was winning. I felt obligated to tell the cashier who was kind enough to help me with my groceries.

“Well shit, I hope I didn’t lose 15 bucks.”

My sudden rush of positivity was slapped in the face but it did not move my enthusiasm to return to the television in my home.

When I got home I looked at the map on the screen and had to blink a couple of times to see if the blue in my vision was a remnant of the headlights that were pouring in my face on the way home.


The word entered my brain and refused to leave. Instead it bounced around inside and I heard it over and over like the many times I had repeated to people:

“Sometimes, you just have to hope.”

The rest, is a blur: tears, smiles, shouts and yelps of joy. Everything was different.

Or, was it?

The next day didn’t feel the same as the one before. There was something about the air and the energy. It felt as though the country was taking common breaths and that everything was just, somehow, a little bit better.

A few days have passed since the initial rush of information, decisions, quotes, photos, speeches and congratulatory conversation.

There is an electricity about, but it’s not the kind that shocks and awakens you. Instead, it feels like the kind of energy that lies dormant. Just enough to kill you if mishandled, but otherwise, harmless and humming.

Somehow, it just seems too easy.

The margin was just, so big.

While I can appreciate the arguments that many have where they can get over their fears of the gov’t thanks to the new direction it may be headed, I simply cannot accept what was put in front of me.

Of particular note is the fact that Fox News was the first to come out and openly badmouth Sarah Palin in what quickly became viral information.

“Africa, a continent… or is it a country?”

Sarah Palin, whether she likes it or not, failed miserably in more ways than one. Not only did she manage to disappoint the nation, but she set a poor example for the possibility of future female candidates. For the next few years, when people think of a female politician that almost made it to the Presidency, they will think of Governor Palin. Of her “You betcha,” “Gosh darn,” “Poohtn rearing” head.

Is it possible that the good ol’ boys conducted this on purpose? I propose that they, being the neo-conservative socioeconomic elite, knew that Barack Obama had something and that they knew he would be the next President-elect. They took the opportunity to make it clear to America that they did not want a woman in a position of power.

So, they intentionally picked the dumbest, least qualified female they could find that was in a public position.

Enter Caibou Barbie.

Indeed, there is also the fact that Obama is not yet the President that seems to be riding on the minds of the people as well. I’m certain that most of the nation is waiting with very eager anticipation for the day when George Bush is no longer the President of the nation that we love so dearly. This writer shares that anticipation.

However, if history has taught us anything, it’s that they always know far more than we give them credit for. While it feels like everyone is riding a perfect wave destined for the paradise of a new beginning, it still remains that there are unseen dangers lurking beneath.

Once the tide goes back out, much may be revealed.

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