There has been a shooting reported shooting at Radford University. At the building known as “the Bonnie.” The suspect was seen at the Bonnie. The initial shooting is reported to have occurred on Calhoun and Madison.

Students received calls and text messages letting them know that they should seek shelter and that the city was looking for a black male with a do-rag, no shirt, and a camo jacket. I spoke to a University student who is currently seeking shelter in her dorm room at the University. On her way back from the 7-11, there was apparently a long line of cop cars which seemed odd to her, for a Thursday evening. Police have not confirmed what they were investigating but it is almost certain, at this time, that it was a shooting.

She confirmed that a friend of hers was nearby when it occurred and that he was very shaken up by it.

“I can’t believe our school doesn’t send an email out.”

“Think of how many parents are freaking out right now.”

Students and parents are turning to their University web site and finding no information. At this time, both the alert section on the University website and the alert section in the University police website have no alerts of any kind listed.

The shooter is, apparently still loose as students have not received any indication from the University that it is safe to leave their shelter.

“There are still people walking around campus that have no idea. Some people didn’t even get notified.”

More as the story develops.

10:29pm EST: sources say that there was one victim shot nine times and that the suspect was last seen in or near the Bonnie. This has not yet been confirmed by any officials.

10:54pm EST: sources say two more people have been shot, though this has not been officially confirmed. The University still has no information posted to their alerts on their website. News sources say tactical teams were deployed in a couple of University buildings. Students reporting that a building check will be occurring. The initial shooting is reported to have occurred on Calhoun and Madison. Confusion and distress evident as students turn to their University website and find no information.

11:04pm EST: text message received by students form the University:

“Command center established. no further sightings of supspect[sic]. stay in rooms and lock doors. Further updates to follow.” Still no updates on the University website.

11:16pm EST: University finally updates their website with alert:

Radford University Police are asking that all RU students stay indoors and lock their doors. The RU community is urged to refer back to this page, radford.edu, for instructions and updates. Radford University police are patrolling the campus seeking a suspect involved in a shooting earlier this evening. Two connected alerts have been issued and the campus is now considered “locked down.”

All media are encouraged to report to Lot ZZ, adjacent to the Dedmon Center where further information will be made available.

11:24pm EST: no further reports on any additional shootings beyond the first. Currently, one victim was confirmed to be shot in the chest. The victim was taken to the hospital and reports indicate that they did not survive the shooting, though no official word, yet.

12:13am EST: CNN has confirmed the death of the victim in the shooting.

Another TXT update from University@11:34pm EST:

“No further sigtings[sic] of the suspect at this time. Building searches are ongoing. Stay in your room and lock doors.”

Website updated:

RADFORD — The following message was distributed by the ConnectEd system to campus subscribers at 11:34 p.m.: “Attention. RUPD and the Radford City Police have established checkpoints and a command center. No further sightings of the suspect at this time. Buildng searches are ongoing. Stay in your room and keep all doors locked. Updates to come.”

11:30 p.m. — Attention — RUPD and Radford City Police have established checkpoints and a command center. SWAT teams will be entering academic buildings to continue the search for a suspect involved in an off-campus shooting incident who may now reportedly be on the RU campus. All Radford University students are asked to shelter in place by staying in their rooms and keeping their doors locked.

All media are encouraged to report to the Joint Information Center in the Dedmon Center, which can be accessed from the Administrative entrance off of University Drive.

1:30am EST: another update from the University that there are still no sightings of the shooter.

2:53am EST: another txt message update from the University@2:10am EST:

“Police are still checking and clearing buildings. Stay indoors with the door locked. updates to continue”

The school’s website was also updated earlier:

RADFORD — Attention. RU PD and Radford City Police are continuing their search and clearing operations of academic buildings. There are no further sightings of the suspect to report. Further updates will be issued on the RU cable television system. Students are reminded to stay in their rooms and keep doors locked.

Please be advised that there are students on campus who are sheltering in place in secure academic buildings at this time.

  • radford

    i was across the street but girls at the house said 2 kids were talking shit to 2 other kids on calhoun on darkside and rolled up and got shot by the kids at the house then ran off

  • Maggie

    Most of us are currently locked upstairs in the Bonnie, I have not heard of a victim in the Bonnie though outside of it I am not sure… everything is under lockdown, and everything was shut down.

  • RU alert active now.

  • wrong

    There was only one person shot. RIP

  • *******

    this web site is wrong i received emergency messages no longer that 15mins after the shooting!

  • FAW

    why cant we get email? no email was sent out to students this is crazy! My parents called me flipping out I had no clue!

  • rugirl

    no, i did not reccieve anything until 9:45…it happen around 9:00, 9:15.
    and the second message i got at 11:02pm.
    actually i just received a message (first phone call at 11:40pm) no new updates!

  • as

    Dude the shooting is right outside my apartment…everyone in my complex is a poor, drug dealer. Dude probably made a bad deal

  • rugirl

    CNN.com said the guy was killed.

  • mohammad

    I got the first phone call alert at 9:36 pm and then 2 more one at 10:39 and one at 11:38.

  • rugirl

    i think ru finally has got the notifications down.
    circuts i heard were pretty busy

  • RUStudent

    People who are saying they received no alerts are probably not signed up on the RUAlert system. It was HEAVILY urged that students sign up for the alert notification system after the VT shootings. I, on the other hand, am signed up for the alert notifications and received 3 text messages and a voicemail since the shooting occurred. The first text was received at 9:35pm.


  • FAW

    I signed up for the alert system… no one was giving RU a bad name were giving the alert system one

  • Michelle Latham

    I’m a senior, and I also got a text message alerting me that there had been a shooting with a description of the man. We had a drill recently where for a few hours they had tests for lock downs and call/text alerts for students. We were heavily prepared for this situation due to the VT shooting.
    I lived on the 500 block of Calhoun St on the dark side of campus just last year. I know that students are reacting in a cautious manner currently. I know that I have friends still currently locked in the library- and I believe they were not notified as to not scare anyone until there was more of a threat. Our faculty is taking the upmost precaution.

  • rugirl

    nobody was at all giving RU a bad name-we are just scared. and the notifications for everyone came at different times because of the mass people that receive the text (students AND parents)…

  • tashi

    way to represent radford on your site, sister love, RIP the victim…..