Terminal Scrollbacks Write Data to Local Disk; Even Over SSH


I had always taken for granted that my SSH sessions were, well, secure. I just assumed that the contents of the scrollback buffer in a terminal would not be saved anywhere locally for something like this. My assumption was that it was stored in memory and flushed when the session was over. This allowed me… Read more »

Listing and Downloading Files Over SFTP with PHP and ssh2


While working on a project, I found myself having to download files using SFTP. This seemed like a fairly straightforward task and I thought PHP would surely have something that could help me along. A quick Google search provided me with ssh2_sftp to take a look at. I work in Micro$oft shop, so the ssh2… Read more »

Disabling Empty Tab Completion in Bash to Prevent Delays


While typing in a terminal, tab completion is a huge time saver. Being able to auto-complete file names or commands is very nice, especially if you can’t quite remember what it is. There are times, however, that this has become quite annoying for me as a developer. More than once a day when I really… Read more »