and Hacked

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The infamous sources for exploits, hacks, etc., and have been hacked. The hacker kept a log of the entire shell session and posted it for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Astalavista claimed to be run by security experts. From >> 03. Who’s behind the site? >> >> A team of security and IT professionals,… Read more »

Google Ads Knows What Racist Tory Bigots Need


Time and time again the contextually delivered advertisements from Google are displayed with hilarious results. Apparently Google ads are intelligent enough to know what racist, tory, bigots usually need in their future: (source) Though, I’m not sure tattoo removal would be an option for all of them: If you liked this post, then please be… Read more »

We’re All Up in Your Internets, Cutting All Yur Cablez

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[UPDATE – 02/12/08 – The Complete Guide to the 2008 Internet Outage has been finished. It contains the most up to date information including detailed images and explanations to help unravel this cable mess. Please check it out here] I find it humorous that the recent cable cuttings have caused another, yet another divide that… Read more »