[UPDATE – 02/12/08 – The Complete Guide to the 2008 Internet Outage has been finished. It contains the most up to date information including detailed images and explanations to help unravel this cable mess. Please check it out here]

First off, I want to thank everyone for the positive feedback that I have received for my last post, which illustrated the locations of the 5 submarine cables that have been damaged over the past couple of weeks. I’m glad to see that some news sites such as Slashdot featured my post and that people are starting to take a critical look at what is happening.

[UPDATE: this post was recently featured in the most recent Epic-Fu video episode. Check out the video here, and join the discussion here.]

That being said, I’m sure that everyone is eager to read the results of my findings on why these cables may have been damaged, who has to gain from the damages, and where we, as concerned citizens, should start to look for answers.

Before I begin, I would like to point out that these findings are from my own research. I am not accusing anyone of anything here. I am simply providing a resource for the rest of the internet so that people can start to investigate what may really be happening over there. There are some facts out there that are just too big to ignore. While I may not be the person capable of asking the big questions to the right people, I can still provide information for the people who can.

First of all, I want to revisit the map of the cable damages that have occurred over the past few weeks:

We have been told by various organizations that these damages are attributed to power failures or by an anchor being accidentally dragged along the ocean floor during a storm. However, it doesn’t take more than a 5th grade education to start to recognize that there may, in fact, be a pattern to what we are seeing here. When something like this occurs, it starts the mind roaming around the possibilities as to why this may have occurred.

Well, there are a few possibilities. Here are the top 4 possibilities/connections that this author was able to find in his research:

#4Big Telecom Companies

In talking to a network operations manager about the damages that have been done to the cables, the first companies that he suggested, which stand to gain from this type of damage, are the larger telecommunications companies. Especially the land-based ones. Here’s why: when a huge pipeline providing tons of information to a particular area is damaged, re-routing almost always occurs before repair. This means, that the companies which surround the outage or are within the outage area stand to benefit from the sudden jump in needed bandwidth.

So, which companies have some ties into this mess? Well, there are a few companies that popped up while doing my research. However, for the scope of this article, let’s look at Verizon Business. To start things off, Verizon partially owns the SeaMeWe-4 (along with AT&T) cable that was severed. According to them the repairs could take days but they were going to offer an alternative network as quickly as possible. Alternative meaning, routing through somewhere else. How else might Verizon be involved with this deal? Verizon Business has ownership in many of the submarine cables that have been in recent news. In addition, they began work in 2007 on a new cable that will render others obsolete. The construction for this is supposed to complete this year. (source) By Verizon Business’ own admission, they’re all about getting global:

“Global Strategic Services Still Driving Solid Verizon Business Growth…Global sales of strategic services such as IP, Ethernet and managed services continued to accelerate dramatically during the past quarter, exceeding declines in revenue on a year-to-date basis from traditional core voice and data services. In the fourth quarter 2007, strategic services generated $1.4 billion in revenue, up 25.1 percent from the fourth quarter 2006.”

With all that said, it seems very likely that Verizon would very much want these cables to be damaged. Whether it be to leverage their land-based networks or to further increase the popularity of their new cable, it’s hard to ignore the connections.

#3December 2007

In December of 2007, there were a few events that occurred related directly to the damages that we have recently seen. While these events may be unrelated and/or random, the correlation is hard to ignore.

December 1, 2007: Alcatel finished its merger with large U.S. telecom company Lucent. Why does this matter? Alcatel provides hardware and service to large telecommunications companies. In fact, according to their Wikipedia entry they are a “leading provider of optical transmission equipment, especially for submarine communications cable.”

December 20, 2007: Reliance Communications (FLAG) finishes the multi-million dollar acquisition of U.S. based company Yipes. (source) Why is this weird? Well, Yipes provides solutions for data warehousing and multimedia communications transfer. This acquisition would bring, yet another U.S. based company, tons of pull in the global telecommunications environment:

“The combination of Yipes’ enterprise Ethernet services; the private undersea cable system of FLAG Telecom, a subsidiary of Reliance Communications; and Reliance’s commitment to expansion and growth will enable the creation of a global service-delivery platform with unmatched coverage and capability.”

December, 2007: Iran announced that they were freely trading oil without the use of the U.S. dollar. More details about this a bit later in the post.

While there were other notable events in the global telecommunications field in 2007, December seemed to be particularly full of events that could possibly be related to the recent submarine cable damages.

#2Reliance Communications and FLAG

First of all, you need to understand that Reliance Communications is part of a large huge massive company that, grouped with Reliance Telecom and Flag Telecom, makes up Reliance Communications Ventures. They provide solutions for all kinds of telecommunication services for India as well as other countries. As an example (and to tie them even closer to the Middle East), in June of 2006, Reliance Communications along with Orbit Communications Company launched RiTV in the Middle East. This is an interactive multimedia solution including on-demand entertainment and internet access. (source).

Reliance Communications is the leading broadband service provider in India and part of another massive group of companies known as the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. Together, they are delivering service to over 19 million subscribers. One of the companies belonging to this group is called Reliance Power Limited (RPL). Here again, we see a direct tie into a large mostly-considered U.S. company. It’s a little company called Chevron.

How big of a stake does Chevron have here? How about a 5% (that can increase to 29%) stake in RPL? (source) Why would Chevron be interested in an Indian energy company? Jamnagar. That link leads to the Wikipedia entry for the Indian state. That link, however, does not talk about how important a role RPL plays in that state — important read as: 650,000 barrels per day. But that’s just the refinery that is currently there. RPL is working on a new refinery that will have a capacity of 580,000 barrels a day. That’s 1,230,000 barrels of oil money that will be coming out of Jamnagar every day. It is expected that this refinery will be completed this year. (source)

The Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group is far too large to try and track down the various connections that they may have to the Middle East, but, being that it is one of the companies most tightly knitted into this knot of submarine cable woes, they deserve a mention.

This brings us to the number 1 reason that this author has found which could explain the recent submarine cable damages.

#1The Iranian Oil Bourse

Through the research that I have exhaustingly done over the past few days, this is the one that has struck me as the most likely reason for the damages that have occurred to submarine internet cables.

First, a bit of background. A bourse is a, typically European, word which refers to a stock exchange. Great, so Iran is going to have their own “oil stock exchange,” but why does this matter? The Iranian oil bourse was going to be a stock market for petroluem, petrochemicals and gas. What’s the big catch here? The exchange planned on being ran with currencies excluding the U.S. dollar. If you remember from earlier in the post, Iran stopped allowing purchases of their oil with the U.S. dollar in December of 2007. So, obviously, the U.S. is not going to be happy about this. The biggest piece of information linking this to the recent damages is the proposed location of the bourse: the island of Kish. This is the island that is RIGHT NEXT TO at least two of the cuts that have recently occurred:

And the locations of the cable damages once more:

To make matters even more interesting, the bourse was scheduled to open this month.

Some of you may suddenly be thinking to yourselves that this sounds familiar. That’s because the last person who decided to stop using the U.S. dollar for trading oil was a man by the name of Saddam Hussein in the fall of 2000.

[UPDATE: To further add to this argument, this would not be the first time the U.S. would have disrupted submarine cables to further themselves in times of war or conflict. (Operation Ivy Bells) (Previous NSA Submarine Wiretaps)]

As I said before, these are bits of information that hopefully others can use as a resource to determine the true cause of these massive internet outages that we have seen over the last couple weeks. I am not blaming one source or the other. I am simply helping to increase the awareness of what may really be happening right under our noses.

“Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.” – Albert Einstein

If you have additional information or updates to this, please drop me a line. My email address is writer at ilovebonnie.net.

Well, that’s it for this post. If you liked this one, be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed or check out some of my other posts.

  • jaf

    I would just like to say thank you for your research into this. Just to add to you’re #4 scenario above. Like you say, network traffic for the middle east, and likely 100% of Iranian traffic is now being redirected over land. If the US Government wanted to mine this data, now would be the time to do it. Is all this data now being run through American “Semantic Traffic Analyzer’s”.

  • This is a brilliant post. I think the conclusions drawn about sabotaging the Bourse are undeniable. It is easy to see the correlation in gas prices, and how the US dollar buys less and less gas daily, as the exchange rate for USD to other currencies fall. By postponing the opening of this Bourse America is only delaying the inevitable. Inflation, stagflation, recession. Reliance on foreign oil may be the root of these cuttings/outages, but it sill begs the question, Who?
    Bush Administration

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  • James

    Wow. First, my thanks for all of this research. The implications of whole mess is a little too much for my poor old head to take in at once. Suffice to say, if suggestion one is close to the truth, it would be quite ominous. I think I’ll have to read it all again to try and make sense of it all.

    Thanks again.

  • Mitch

    First, I also want to say Thank You for your research, fact-finding, and eye-opening article.
    Am I correct in thinking that it would be easier to sabotage/disrupt/intercept/”lose” information on it’s way in/out of these regions now? (a.k.a. Does the lack of a direct route in/out, thereby requiring redirection of traffic through American Telcoms, mean that something could be covered up or discovered or distorted more easily)

  • Bill

    In January 2008, President Bush signed a classified National Security Directive providing the NSA with the authority to monitor all US Gov. Internet traffic. Perhaps at the same time a covert action directive was signed to cut the cables. Cutting the cables and Iran’s telecommunications would obviously show potential users of the Bourse that it is unreliable and subject to attack and thus discourage its use.

  • Charles

    Interesting article. I decided to check out the area around Kish Island with Google Earth and found this: http://earth.esa.int/cgi-bin/satimgsql.pl?show_url=862

    I don’t know if this is the area that was affected and it certainly doesn’t explain all of the cuts but they ARE “dredging” out the approach and it seems to go out for a ways.

  • The fact that Iran has been 100% down and remains down is critical to the
    analysis. I think most people in the United States when polled would answer that nobody or nearly no one in Iran is on the Internet. Not so.

    Over 10,000,000 Iranians are active Internet users. That’s a 15% Internet penetration (percentage of the population). The United States Internet penetration is currently at 70%. Wait – there are still 30% of us that DO NOT use the internet?!?

    I wrote about this article as well:

    The Iranian Oil Bourse however, makes the most sense for this reason:

    Consider the consequences of a shift away from dollars for the United States. The dollar is still sliding against all other world currency. That means every time you buy something from overseas now, its exchanged from $$$ to whatever for every transaction. Notice how much more expensive everything is? That’s inflation, because we buy so much stuff from overseas.

    Having a transaction in your own currency means that you will have a monetary and economic advantage as a trader. You can protect prices and control the market more if the currency used in the transaction is yours. You have the upper hand as an economy, because everyone else has to pay fees to exchange your money.

    But the United States economy is not really doing well, at least from a currency standpoint. So other markets are moving away from the dollar, TAKING THE ADVANTAGE AWAY from us. So oil prices will go up again for the United States, the worlds largest user and importer of oil.

    We have all seen the effects of rising oil prices on our economy already. Higher gas prices, rising inflation, the mortgage crisis. Banks are writing off unprecedented amounts of money – upwards of 10’s of millions of dollars in loans. The bourse is another blow for our economy, and will shift world oil markets farther away from us, and make oil prices rise steeply again. Think $5 a gallon for gas is high, check prices in Europe some time.

    So, does the idea that someone, or any number of suspects, would want to see those cables cut surprise me? Not at all.
    ADMIN EDIT – Truncated for length

  • igoldtho

    Interesting not surprising.

    Whilst your context makes your meaning clear, in this context the word you are looking for is ‘dragged’ rather than ‘drug’.

  • Ahh quite right. Though some dictionaries say that ‘drug’ is an acceptable past tense version of ‘drag,’ I made the edit anyway. Thanks!

  • Todd Stewart

    This is all very well and good, but it will matter not when we nuke those fuckers and solve the Islamofascist problem.

    “Invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity”. If you think this plan is currently sidetracked in any way, you aren’t paying attention.

  • Maybe it has something to do with this bold statement by the Iranian Finance Minister about the opening of the long delayed Bourse, the FIRST GLOBAL BOURSE outside of the US or London. Maybe not.


  • Jim Bob

    It looks like jew spite. In Palestine,k jews often destroy crops, houses, hospitals and schools for spite (as well as shooting children in the back).

    In Iraq, jews either looted or destroyed all the contents of the museums, and jews smashed ancient Babylon to bits for spite

    The first place to look when their is unexplained evil or destruction in the world, is in the direction of jews.

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  • William

    It’s the Amercians again trying to conquer and control the world. The New World Order and the Illuminati are behind this. Creating misery is there main goal through out the world.

    America has not been out of a war since ww1. How come where ever there’s a conspiracy, a war, or some significant bizarre disruption in an economy…the word America isn’t too far behind! America is the new Germany of Hitlers Army…it just operates in a more subtle and not in your face manner!

    The American Government controls the news in the US…thus rendering mass population control into the hands of the Government…seen as the majority of Amercians believe everything their told through the little device (TV) in the corner of each Amercian’s home. Mass population under the influence of Murderers, Liars, and Materialistic Parasites. In other words Evil is controlling Amercia, and it’s population. It’s been trying to spread it’s wings into the rest of the world. But fortunately the rest of the world see Amercia for what it is. However it will spread eventually if we’re not careful and refuse to see the signs.

    The solution to the worlds problems are simple…abandon all materialistic wants and needs…these are the sole cause of all crimes through out the world. The world needs to Embrace it’s Spirituality to move from the technical age into the Spiritual Age! The day when money becomes a thing of the distant past is the day the world will be at peace!

  • man thank you for taking the time to do this research. I feel and have been feeling that this is the case (#1) for the last week.
    (please del the pre post)

  • josh

    @JimBob – your comments about the Jews are clearly ignorant.

    Otherwise, I like the comments and the article itself. It really is illuminating to hear about this news from this perspective. I haven’t heard anything about this on my local news stations in America…Just on the web.

  • Hardley C. Cure

    While I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, may I suggest that you also present scenarios that do not require human intervention. One such example would be to compare the locations of cable damage to the dates and locations of recent seismic activity in the region. You may find it interesting.

  • This is now officially big news across the world.


    Stay tuned!

  • Jose Ferreira

    Your post is what can be named as a good contribution for the perception of the real world. I think that damaged cables are part of a hiden developing war. I thank you for your atention.

  • Gravey

    I think it’s the Scientologists doing it.

  • Young Wippersnapper

    In attempting to analyze what might have happened, ask the question, “What organizations have the reach and technology to accomplish this kind of widespread and stealthy sabotage, AND which have sufficiently tight control over information about THEIR OWN operations to keep their activities hidden and secret? Telecom corporations? ANY corporation? I don’t think so.

    Also, Iran 100% cut off? Not from what I read. I read it was more like 15%. Other countries were more affected than Iran.

    But I agree with most of the posts here, except for the ones blinded by hate and bigotry. Why do weak simple minds get sucked into that so easily?

  • Generally Fed Up

    Thank you for looking more deeply into this – I’m normally becoming more skeptical of just about anything that happens anymore …and I would wager a bet that there more to this story than will ever be published in the MSM.
    There was an article about 2 months ago on solari.com regarding the beating of the war drums to go to Iran was most likely due to the fact that the Iranian banking system does not use compound interest for its loans as it is against strict sharia law. This flies in the face of the international banking mo, one that has crippled so many countries thru the World Bank and IMF.I’m sure that would add incentive towards covert actions.

    Sorry I don’t have a link but it can be researched, as it would seem to have direct relevance to this story, particularly as the american public is not buying into going to war (militarily at least) with Iran.

  • MtShasta

    First time reading your site. Thanks for your research and broader spectrum of information on the damaged cables story. I don’t read or watch the popular news.

    So, how often are cables cut by “accident” but not reported in the general news? Why now? It’s business as usual if a company, or ideology benefits from another’s seemingly “bad luck”.

    As they say, “All’s fair in love and war.” And, I sure this is just the start of something big.

  • jon

    whats an intriguing idea is not just that they were cut but WHO is doing the repairs? the US would love to be able to have a way to have all that data flowing into its NSA. perhaps the repairs have something to do with siphoning that info. maybe not.

  • While I think the bourse idea could be involved, I’m afraid I don’t see all the linkages that you do, Bonnie. You’ve obviously done a lot of research and I think you’re on the right track, but nothing in this world happens for a single reason. If they’re going after the bourse on Kish Island, why cut the cables way over by Egypt and Syria?

    If there is something fishy going on (and I’m not saying there is), I think it’s a general push by the intelligence community to get control of the Internet of the Middle East. I think Iran is likely to be invaded and this is the US getting into position to control the communication flow in and out of Iran.

    The US won’t nuke anyone–they couldn’t–that would making getting the oil a LOT harder.

  • Great Article! However it makes no mention about any potential military stategies in the area disrupting services, whether accidentally or intentional operations to disrupt or benchmark disruptions of communications in the immediate area. To me, a plausible circumstance.

  • Mark, NY

    Is there really a need to shut the Bourse down permanently (impossible)?
    Or would it be enough to sow seeds of doubt and chaos on the new market?

    Or is it all coindidence and we need to put the tin foil away?

  • J.

    To follow ALL the money….

  • asdf

    I believe these events were organized by the Illuminati.

    This is not silly, if you do the research you will find a clear and disturbing connection via the secret society networks going back to Germany (specifically Bavaria) in 1776. How far back does it really go? I’m not sure.

    One thing is for sure: these groups are trying to manipulate us into another global conflict. They are using America as the bulldog. The only way for us to stop this is for the world to wake up to what is happening. These global wars are engineered from behind the scenes.

    America wake up! ! !

    We don’t need oil! Free energy is real and is supported by quantum electrodynamics! See the work of Dr. Feynmann, Tom Bearden, John Bedini. There are over-unity devices; we can get energy from the vacuum! Watch this video!

    Bedini’s latest motor

    Another example of Free Energy (no battery, just a big capacitor!)

    This is supported by the work of Lee and Yung for which they were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1957! They proved the dipole exhibits broken symmetry! The capacitor or battery are the dipole! There is no need for these senseless energy wars!!! Please believe me, this is real! Do the research!

  • Brian

    The Iranian Oil Bourse is scheduled to open any day. I believe this sabotage was done by the U.S. This sabotage will show countries interested in using the bourse that it is vulnerable to attack and is thus insecure. Also, the sabotage is a warning, that the U.S. will not tolerate the existence of the bourse. This is my opinion of course, you can come to your own conclusions. I just have not found any other conclusions that make sense when you put it all together.

    Please read this. If you put the information in this article together with the cutting of the 5 cables, you should get a clear picture of what is going on.


  • Edd

    response to Charles (February 6th, 2008 at 9:47 pm):
    This is in United Arab Emirates. In that shipyard (Jebel Ali) drilling platform jackets are constructed for various project in the middle east (like for north field, Qatar). so those deep dredges are “safe ways” for ships to enter. I have seen similar dredges leading to European sea ports.

  • Perhaps no cables have actually been cut. Red herrings are used to divert attention when something else altogether is going on. Indeed, there are Internet outtages, but maybe they were caused by something else and cut cables are a cover story. First time visitor to I Love Bonnie.net. Really good research, but just wanted to add another idea. Are these cut cables affecting U.S. troop Internet comm in Iraq and elsewhere? Bet not.

  • Would weather reports verify large storms that would justify the claim of anchors causing the damage? (we can blame global warming)
    Is there any evidence that submarines or divers damaged the cables? How many cables are their and how often do they fail? Are the failures beyond what the cable specifications suggest? How old are the cables?
    And thanks to those who mentioned dredging and seismic activity.
    Don’t forget underwater landslides.
    Thanks for all the research into motive.

  • shines

    Look at the map again.
    I needed to see the map.
    Thanks for posting the map.

    According to your map, the cuts are at the major choke-points for oil shipping traffic: Hormuz, Suez, and Malacca. Perhaps the next cuts will occur at Panama, Gibraltar and the Dardanelles.

    Don’t exactly know what that means. But I can tell you that even the anchor on a supertanker would probably break its chain before it would sever an undersea telecom cable which is shielded six ways from Sunday and typically laid in excavated bedrock.

    That’s my two cents. I don’t know a lot about geo-strategy, but I know the important waterways and landmasses (Kurdistan and Afghanistan) for oil and gas transport.

    Peace and Love

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  • Mark wrote: “The fact that Iran has been 100% down and remains down is critical to the analysis.”

    Except that this is not true and never has been true. Iran has had some impact as a result of these outages, but it has been minimal by comparison to Egypt, Pakistan, and India.

    Submarine cables suffer outages somewhere in the world about once every three days, on average. That’s why there are multiple fleets of cable repair ships. In December 2006, there were nine nearly simultaneous breaks in Asian waters between Taiwan and Japan as the result of earthquakes.

    These outages have occurred in a time of severe weather in the region. When the cable repair ships reached the outage point of the FLAG FALCON cable off the coast of Dubai, they recovered an abandoned 6-ton ship’s anchor at the site, a photograph of which may be found on Flag Telecom’s website.

    I don’t think there’s any good reason to suspect conspiracy, or to see the relevance of the loosely connected list of facts in this blog post.

  • @Jim Lippard

    Please check out my latest post.

    By the way, there aren’t fleets of ships capable of making the repairs. In fact, there are very few capable. Even fewer that are used to lay the cables.

    Oh, and to use a catastrophe, such as an extraordinarily violent and destructive earthquake, to make a comparison as to how cables are repaired ‘every three days’ is apples and oranges my friend.

    Besides, “every three days?” This isn’t 250,000 people losing the internet in Cleveland or even 750,000 people losing connectivity in New York. This is MILLIONS of people spread out over many countries. I have a feeling if that occurred every three days, there would be a lot more press about it and countries would struggle on a monthly basis to stay connected with the rest of the world.

    By the way, I looked at every press release available on the FLAG website and found no image of an anchor. Besides: how hard can it be to take a picture of an anchor you took out of the water?

  • Thanks for the article. It surely is all about the money, and the CIA protecting the US dollar from Iran’s new Euro oil exchange.

    To see more information on this, see the documentary ‘The Money Masters’ on Google Video, follow this then by another layman’s documentary called ‘Money as debt’, also on Google Video.

    I have collected lots of these interesting and eye-opening videos and posted them in a Yahoo Group called ‘Truth and Action’. You do not need to subscribe to the group, but can still see all the posts with the information and links in them.

  • Jurgen

    Energy Non-Crisis by Lindsey Williams (book, English):

    Oil is very interesting. Kissinger said, energy to control nations and food to control people. Well, how cartels work, it’s interesting how the oil boys started and continue the environmental movement. You can’t have free market competition where it’s easy to build a refinery and sell your gas cheaper than theirs. So you strap the competition with mountains of red tape and call it enviro-goodness. Just follow the money on that.

    But yes, I agree 100% with the dollar/bourse analysis on why the cables were cut. Another thing you should know is, the persians and arabs are talking about resurrecting the gold dinar as a regional currency. Arabs have a tribal system of moving money that is more efficient than Western Union, and cheaper. Big threats to the banksters.

    The world is too smart for this silly game. It will establish non-American-controlled means of communication that has less sensitive “choke points”.

  • @jimbob your comments are completely irrelevent

    @ilovebonnie thank you for doing the research and posting this

  • 2turk

    Oh, yes, yes. I located the culprit ships anchor that damaged all the fiber-optic cables. See the yellow item in the foreground.


  • Check this out:

    The Energy Non-Crisis – Part 7 of 8

  • MAX

    Couple of points to make:

    First, just who EXACTLY is “repairing” these cables??? –
    Possibly, the U.S.S. Jimmy Carter (a 2004 nuclear submarine with deep-sea cable cutting/connecting/tapping capabilities!)

    Second, it might very well be a Terrorist (-backed) organization, namely, the U.S. government (a.k.a. the bush-clinton-bush-??????? regime!!)

    Just follow the MONEY – ’tis the route to the “evil do-ers” :D

  • Terri

    very good article. question: isn’t there a difference between Jews and Zionists? I believe Zionists are the Khazar’s, NOT JEWS, who adopted Judaism (figuratively speaking), married into white royalty to use their wealth to control the world.

    So is it accurate to target all Jews?

    I have Iranian friends in America who seem completely unfazed by this. Families are there. They have daily contact. Bush’s threat for war on Iran means nothing to them.

    Very puzzling indeed.

    Aside from cutting contact in these areas, is there a possibility American is also a target, our contact with the outside world could be severely limited? Our now defunct sovereignty is attacked from within and without.

    Finally, just HOW could these cables be cut? I understand they are buried deeply…no anchors possible.

  • Dennis Ward

    You just might want to look at this through the ‘filter’ of “Rulers of Evil” by Tupper Saussy. We (Tupper and I) had many long discussions over the years before he passed away, on the obvious and the not so obvious, along with the concept of blown cover as cover. Unfortunately the military has a tendency to follow orders, whether legal or not and are not above or below the law to destroy the “private property” of our enemies.

    The US government. i.e. the current incarnation of the multi-generational Bush/Cheney/Clinton/Rockefeller/Rothschild/Windor cabal are at WAR with the entire world. Just look at title 50 of the US code, and war powers acts going all the way back to 1861. It is all in there. As Pogo so eloquently stated decades ago, “we have met the enemy and he is US”. The oil company’s, banks, and multi-national corporations are at war with the entire planet, and every man, woman and child on the planet is the enemy!

    These are very very sick people, mass murders, genocidal maniacs of the highest order. They can not be reasoned with and are about to be dealt a crushing blow that they will never see coming because of their shear arrogance and lust for blood and power. Submarine cables? “Collateral damage as they say”.

    Think about it? we have friends, neighbors, maybe even family members that make their living off of the business of killing people and justify it with a paycheck, SUV and a house in suburbia, kids in college going wild off of the murder and misery inflicted on the rest of the world for a profit ? ? STOP IT – JUST SAY NO, NOT JUST NO BUT HELL NO. WAKE UP FOLKS, YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN.

    I Love Bonnie too and the rest of you for caring enough to take the time to write your thoughts here, and I thank you.


  • Carl Lewis

    To this can be added that when opec were considering an oil embargo on the US in 2002 they overthrew the Venezuelan government.

    Whenever an american oil interest is threatened, something big happens.


  • William

    This is kinda old news now eh!

  • 505

    You have a good post here, thanks for the good read

  • Nice website!!